How much did Ron Conway invest in Google?

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How much did Ron Conway invest in Google?

How much did Ron Conway invest in Google? “People who invested at $75 million in Google made $400 for every dollar they put in. I don’t think anyone’s complaining.” While Google presented the kind of exit an investor can only dream of, another Conway investment, in Facebook, could some day enter that same rare territory.

How old is Ron Conway? 

71 years (March 9, 1951)
Ron Conway / Age

What does SV Angel do? SV Angel is a San Francisco-based seed fund founded by Ron Conway. SV Angel provides seed investment and advice to early stage companies focused on Internet software.

Who is Topher Conway? Topher Conway is a Managing Partner of SV Angel. Topher joined SV Angel in 2009, coming from a background in Business Development and Sales at EQAL. At SV Angel, he works particularly close with Flexport, Dapper Labs, Stripe, BetterUp, Coinbase, DoorDash, and Deel.

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How do I contact Ron Conway?

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